Coach Interactions with the Media

OPTAVIA is thrilled to have you share your journey and what you have achieved as part of our OPTAVIA Community. You are a powerful example of how OPTAVIA can help change lives and you are an inspiration to others. 

From time to time, members of the Media (“Media” includes, but is not limited to: all traditional news outlets, television, podcasts, radio shows, print media, as well as all internet-based journalistic communications, which may include blogs, forums, and bulletin boards relating to journalistic news or similar outlets) may reach out to our independent OPTAVIA Coaches wanting to interview them about their experience with the OPTAVIA program and/or the OPTAIVA business opportunity.   

In order to protect the Coach Community, the Company, and the OPTAVIA brand, OPTAVIA has determined that it is in the best interest of all Coaches to have designated company spokespersons handle all communications with the Media, as noted in your Independent OPTAVIA Coach Agreement.  As a result, unless Coaches receive prior written consent from the Company, Coaches are not permitted to contact, solicit, respond to, interview with, or otherwise communicate with the Media about OPTAVIA, its products, programs, services, the business opportunity, their experience with OPTAVIA, or anything else relating to OPTAVIA, even if OPTAVIA is not mentioned by name. 

It is a violation of your Independent OPTAVIA Coach Agreement to provide any information to the Media without prior written approval from OPTAVIA, regardless of whether the information is positive or negative, accurate or inaccurate. Please be advised that, if a member of the Media contacts a Coach, he or she must notify the Company by submitting a Public Relations Opportunity form and receive written authorization to speak to the Media BEFORE discussing OPTAVIA products, programs, services, the business opportunity, etc. with the Media. 

Please note that it is up to the sole discretion of OPTAVIA concerning whether a Coach will receive permission to speak to a member of the Media and, if the Coach does receive written authorization from the Company to interact with the Media, the Coach shall also work with the Company to ensure that OPTAVIA’s products, programs, and services are accurately presented to the Media. The company will also support approved spokespersons throughout the process, including handling communications with media, so that the Coach can focus on simply telling their story.

We thank you for following this process and look forward to sharing OPTAVIA with even more people.