CONNECT App: Clients to Contact Feature

Designed for the OPTAVIA Coach Community, particularly new Coaches, the “Clients to Contact” reporting feature in the OPTAVIA CONNECT App gives independent OPTAVIA Coaches the ability to track and manage the activities of their OPTAVIA Clients.

This can be accessed from the main dashboard or the Clients Tab and focuses on 4 different call to actions. 

  1. Premier Cancelations - any Client who has canceled their Premier membership with OPTAVIA.
  2. Recently Inactive - any Client that has not placed an order for 120 days or more. 
  3. Expiring Rewards - they have Rewards from a previous Premier order that are getting ready to expire if they don't place another Premier order soon.
  4. No Orders - A new Client has started with OPTAVIA, however, they have yet to place an order.

Note: These tabs will only display when there is available data. If no Client meets the relative criteria for a given tab, then that tab will be hidden from view.

Clients to Contact Report

The Clients to Contact report can be found on the main dashboard or in the Teams Tab of the CONNECT App and includes data that can be pulled in a customizable format.