Choosing How to Receive Your Earnings

OPTAVIA PAY is a convenient and faster way for you to receive your earnings! Below are the step-by-step instructions for accessing OPTAVIA PAY to check the setup of your auto transfer and add new methods.

  • From the OPTAVIA CONNECT home page, scroll down and select OPTAVIA PAY.
  • The OPTAVIA PAY home page will display the option to setup your OPTAVIA branded prepaid card. Click the Activate Card button to proceed. 
    • Using the OPTAVIA Prepaid card is optional.
  • To access additional transfer method options, select Transfer from the OPTAVIA PAY navigation bar located at the top of the page.
    See Image 1.1.
  • Click Add New Transfer Method and then select the preferred Transfer Method  from the available options.
  • Complete all displayed fields and click Continue to save.
  • Click Return to Transfer Center.
  • Click Action, located next to your preferred transfer method and then click Transfer to bank account/ prepaid card/Paper check.
  • Enter in the desired amount that you want to be transferred and complete transfer setup process.

To set up auto transfer, click “Action” next to the desired transfer method and then create auto transfer. You will be informed that you are about to set up your preferred auto pay. "Would you like to continue?" Click Yes. 
See Image 1.2.

Image 1.1

Image 1.2