Building Your Business with Integrity

OPTAVIA is thrilled to have you join the OPTAVIA Coach Community. You are a powerful example of how OPTAVIA can help change lives and provide inspiration to others.

In order to protect your business, the Coach Community, and the Company, it is critical to ensure that you and your Coach Teams are not engaging in any activities which would be considered compensation plan manipulation, also referred to as, “bonus or rank buying”. Manipulation of the Integrated Compensation Plan is strictly forbidden under your Independent OPTAVIA Coach Agreement (the “Agreement”) and can result in fines and, ultimately, termination of your Coach business. 

Pursuant to OPTAVIA’s Official Policy and Procedures (“Policies”), which are incorporated into your Agreement, the Company considers the following activities to be compensation plan manipulation:

  1. Enrolling an individual as a Client or Coach without the permission and/or knowledge of such individual;
  2. Enrollment or attempted enrollment of nonexistent individuals or entities as Clients or Coaches;
  3. Purchasing products under another Client’s or Coach’s account;
  4. Using Wellness Credits in excess of 50% of a Client’s order; or
  5. Any other mechanism or artifice to qualify for rank advancement or maintenance, incentives,   prizes, commissions, or bonuses that are not driven by bona fide product purchases by end-user consumers for actual use.

Please note that purchasing a Client’s order with a Coach’s personal credit card also violates Policy 3.13 “Payment & Credit Card Usage”. Coaches should never use their personal credit cards to place a Client’s order:

If a credit/debit card or other payment instrument is used to pay for products, it must be the credit/debit card or other payment instruments of the individual who is ordering the product for their personal and/or family use. Coaches may not use another Coach’s or Client’s credit/debit card, or other payment instruments to place an order, nor may a Coach use his/her own credit/debit card or other payment instruments to place an order on behalf of another Coach or Client

While the Company prohibits a Coach from using their personal credit card for a Client’s order (and considers this action compensation plan manipulation), the Company understands that, from time to time, Coaches may wish to help a household family member go on Program. Therefore, OPTAVIA grants an exception to allow a Coach to use their personal credit card to place orders for household family members, i.e., individuals that live with the Coach in their personal residence, for example, a parent, sibling, or child.  Coaches are not permitted to purchase orders for family members who do not live in the Coach’s household.