Are there daily messages I can send my new Client?


Yes! OPTAVIA Coaches make sure their Clients never go it alone, which is especially important as a new Client starts on their journey. In addition to the daily support calls you will be doing with your Client on Days 1–4, these messages can help get your Client started well and steer him or her to success.

Sending a  daily message to your new Client is a great way to show that you support them, through and through.   You can opt to send the message via text or Facebook private message; whatever you prefer. 

Simply open the  Daily Messages for New Clients PDF and copy and paste the messages into your preferred message service.

Additionally, each individual message is available on  OPTAVIA LEARN for your convenience as well.  Simply search for the daily message desired (Day 1, Day 2, etc.). Clients can also opt in to give themselves a boost with daily tips and inspiration. They can simply text OPTAVIA30 to 990-00 the day before they start for tips, inspiration, healthy reminders and more.

If you are a new Coach, you may wish to include your Business Coach or someone from your mentorship team in the thread so that they can help you if needed. 

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