Agents of Transformation Facebook Group Access

Why has the request to add my team members to the Agents of Transformation Facebook group not been granted?

We're so excited to hear that you have Coaches who want to join our exclusive  Agents of Transformation Facebook group

We strive to approve every verifiable coach within 24 hours. Since you must be an active OPTAVIA Coach to join Agents of Transformation Facebook group the easiest and fastest way for all Coaches to gain access is to provide their Business Coach ID number, otherwise if someone has not yet been approved, it would be for one of 4 reasons:

  1. The Coach’s Facebook name may be different than their given name, so we are unable to locate them in our system.
  2. They may be a spouse of a Coach who has not yet officially added them as a co-applicant on their account so we're unable to locate them in our system.
  3. They may be someone who intends to become a Coach but has not officially purchased their business kit, so their account number or name in our system still recognizes them as a Client.
  4. If 1 or 2 is the case, then we are likely waiting for them to answer the Business Coach ID question that populates when someone requests to join the group so that we can verify they are an active OPTAVIA Coach and grant them access.