1099 Federal Tax Form

What is a 1099-NEC Form?

The 1099-NEC is a Federal Tax Form provided to independent contractors to file taxes. They are generated for our OPTAVIA Coaches who have had commission payouts of $600 or more each year.

When and where will I receive my 1099?

Once generated, OPTAVIA will automatically mail a physical copy of the 1099 form by January 31st to the default address listed in your account on OPTAVIA.com. The 1099 form will also be available to download via OPTAVIA Pay. Complete the steps below to access:

  1. Log into CONNECT.
  2. Log into OPTAVIA Pay
  3. Select the Resources tab.
  4. Select Tax Documents and complete the steps listed for download.

Can I receive more than one 1099 Form?

Yes. If a Coach changed their tax information during the course of the year (i.e., a new Business Entity Addendum Form was submitted (enrolling a Business Entity to operate the Coaching business) , a change to the existing Business Entity, or a Co-Applicant Position change) they may receive two 1099s. 

Both will be mailed to the primary address located on OPTAVIA.com, however, only the most recent 1099 will be available within OPTAVIA Pay.

How do I review my earnings?

You can view a list of your total payments for a given period by logging in to your Pay Portal and following these steps:

  1. Click History
  2. Adjust the “To” and “From” dates. Maximum search history is 365 days.
  3. Select Load funds as the Transaction Type.
  4. Click Search
  5. If necessary, to view more payment information on a single page, increase the number of rows displayed on the search results.
  6. Calculate your total earnings by adding up the values in the “Credit” column.

How do I get a copy of my 1099 if I am no longer an OPTAVIA Coach?

  1. Go to OPTAVIA.Hyperwallet.com
  2. Log in with the same login credentials used for your OPTAVIA.com account
  3. Select the Resources tab
  4. Select Tax Documents and complete the steps listed for download

Please Note: A 1099 Form will still be mailed to the primary address located on your OPTAVIA.com account if you received commissions of $600 or more in the previous year. 

If the information on my 1099 is incorrect, how do I request a correction?

If you believe there is incorrect information listed on your 1099, please contact the Coach Support Team for further review.